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Only Pay for Successful Mortgage Leads

only pay for successful mortgage leads

You Pay Only for Successful Leads with Brokerly

The practice of selling random and useless leads that do not convert is becoming quite common on the Internet. Most loan officers have wasted a lot of money but have not found a platform that provides them with leads. Some of them do close, but is it worth it? Brokerly has provided a silver lining in these times by introducing a remarkable concept.

Finding New Business in the Mortgage Industry

Most brokers don’t mind paying for these counterfeit mortgage leads because the alternatives are is a lot more time-consuming particularly in the mortgage industry. It is hardly surprising that brokers look towards doubtful platforms to generate leads.

To get new business, a loan officer would have to either build a strong network and rely on it to gain leads or build a strong social media presence to gain new clients. This is mainly because finding new clients is a tough job in the mortgage industry and even if you have a decent network, it is possible to find new clients frequently.

Since the mortgage industry has a lot of competition, it’s difficult to change the loyalty of long-term customers. Most platforms realize this limitation and make money off their desperation.

Brokerly’s Successful Leads

Brokerly is an all-in-one customer acquisition platform that provides the solutions to all of the problems that a broker might face. At the heart of Brokerly is the concept that focuses on providing a bigger margin of profit to the brokers.

They have introduced a concept of successful leads and the brokers only have to pay for the “successful” leads, which is a way of earning the trust of these brokers. However, if you are a loan officer, your first thought would be, what is a successful lead? Allow us to explain.

Brokerly offers agents up to 4-6 leads every month. You have the opportunity within 24 hours to accept or reject these leads. A “successful lead” is a lead that the loan officer approves within 24 hours of receiving it. Brokerly charges solely for successful leads.

The mortgage industry is built on trustworthiness and Brokerly’s model of successful mortgage leads is a complement to the industry.

It is a way for the loan officers to gauge the reliability and trustworthiness of the leads, and as a result, the company Brokerly. They have a lot of belief in themselves and the leads they provide, but they need the trust of the loan officers and this is a brilliant way to do so. 


Conclusively, the concept of successful leads should put an end to the scamming faced by loan officers. Brokerly offers the loan officers a chance to replace the leads, that they do not deem suitable. 

This is quite advantageous for loan officers as it allows them to only pay for the successful leads, that they feel can be converted into long-term clients. All in all, this could be the highly-awaited change in the mortgage industry.

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