Frequently Asked Questions

We provide loan officers all-in-one turnkey solution which includes double verified
leads along with our CRM which helps mortgage professionals stay organized
and stay in-touch with all the leads/contacts with our pre-built drip campaigns at no
additional cost. You only pay for successful leads.

Yes and no. Basically, we are providing you with mortgage leads and you only have to pay for successful leads. Once a lead is sent your way, you have a 24-hour window to accept or reject a lead. Only pay for leads you approve of.

Depends on lead availability.

Leads are transferred through text message and also the assigned lead is
available in your portal/CRM for review with all the details.

We generate an average of one thousand verified leads per day and they are distributed on a first come first serve basis and we GUARANTEE each one of our network affiliates receives adequate leads to sustain.

We’re incentivized to only give you highly motivated, high quality leads. We are both on
the same page of turning a lead into transaction. Because remember, we only get paid
for successful leads.

We have over 400 lead sources which are mainly divided into 3 categories. 1. Search
engines such as Google and Yahoo 2. Social media 3. Website network and

Yes, we charge an annual CRM subscription fee based on your plan.

No, there is no monthly fee of any kind.

Because most loan officers do not have a robust follow up system in place. So, we’ve gone ahead and designed customized and effective campaigns within our CRM which not only ensures the mortgage professional stays connected with the leads and also automatically updates and stays on top of each prospect without inconveniencing the professional or client for constant updates.

Yes, you can import your old clients to our CRM, it will help you stay organized and stay in touch with your past clients at no additional charge/fee of any kind.

You can cancel your service at any time and if you wish to keep working with the leads then you need to pay a service fee for those leads.

We provide support 24/7 for 365 days a year.

Brokerly provides mortgage professionals with double verified leads, CRM with marketing material and tools, to help them become the go-to professional in their marketplace!


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