Brokerly's planning and the Mortgage Industry

Brokerly’s Strategic Breakthrough in the Mortgage Industry

Brokerly is all set to be launched in the USA and Canada. It is an innovative invention that is
likely to change the game in the mortgage sector. Brokerly, a cost-effective platform, pledges
to significantly contribute to a loan officer’s pursuit of finding credible leads.

“Gone are the days of mortgage lenders struggling to land new clients,” said Usman Sayed,
the CEO, and Founder of Brokerly. “Using the most advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning, and relying on our blockchain to ensure reliable identity management, Brokerly will bring business from all over the U.S and Canada to mortgage lenders sitting in the comfort of their home/office.”

Not long ago, the introduction of social networking was enthusiastically received by loan
officers all around the world, and it rapidly became the most effective method of attracting

Similarly, Brokerly, a referral network designed specifically for mortgage lenders, is living up to the hype. They can now simply outsource the process of building networks and marketing their business, allowing them to focus on what they do best: provide loans.

In the mortgage industry, the potential for a referral agency that provides geo-targeted,
double-verified, pre-screened mortgage leads is enormous. Brokerly charges a sign-up and a
minimal fee only for the leads that are accepted by the brokers. Even according to the norms
of referral agencies, this is unheard of, as Brokerly only charges for successful leads.

Brokerly’s biggest achievement has been putting together a team full of talented and goal-oriented individuals. All of the indicators are pointing in the right direction for Brokerly to take over the industry, but whether or not it lives up to its potential, remains to be seen.

Until now, loan officers have been denied a setup similar to Brokerly‘s, and it is only a matter of time before this business model takes hold in the market.

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Brokerly provides mortgage professionals with double verified leads, CRM with marketing material and tools, to help them become the go-to professional in their marketplace!


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