Best conversion strategies for mortgage leads

Are you fed up with receiving “poor” leads? Are you having trouble converting the leads you receive from Brokerly? Don’t get discouraged; perhaps the issue isn’t with the leads. Please allow us to explain!

Are there good quality and bad quality mortgage leads?

Brokerly claims that mortgage leads cannot be good or bad. The team finds the ideal prospects and turns them into verified leads using machine learning and cutting-edge artificial intelligence. These leads are subsequently handed to Brokerly‘s mortgage brokers, giving you the chance to convert these leads into potential clients.

All of the leads are double-verified by Brokerly, which indicates that they are excellent leads. Brokerly uses the same procedure for all the leads, so there can be no good or bad leads. That brings us to our next question.

Why do certain leads convert but not others?

The team at Brokerly provides these double-verified leads to all of their agents. In addition to this, they make sure that these mortgage leads are genuine prospects. Maybe the problem is with the way we take up some of the “unwelcoming” prospects. Some prospects do not seem as cheerful about doing business as they are waiting for you to convince them to open up.

How can you convince your prospects to go the extra mile with you?

Every lead can be converted into a decent prospect if you are a truly committed loan officer. To become committed, you need to make sure that you have a plan for reaching out to your prospects.

It will assist you in remaining in touch with your prospects. Keeping your clients, in sight, implies you can always anticipate them to consider you, which is the most important thing.

How to effectively follow up with prospects?

Effectively following up with your prospects is the best thing you can do to convert the “bad” leads. This raises the question; how can you effectively follow up with your prospects?


You may categorize your leads based on their budget, purchasing power, timing, and purchase readiness. Organizing your list may be a huge help, as it removes the clutter from other clients who may confuse you.

Offer Multiple Channels to Reach Back:

You can ask your clients to reply by offering them different channels for follow-ups. Providing that extra bit of convenience can go a long way as clients feel more comfortable if they have different channels for reaching back. This can include:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Text messaging
  • Instant messaging
  • Social media
  • Video calling

Schedule Conversations with Leads

Once your lead has picked their preferred means of communication, you can dramatically improve your odds of actually contacting them. This can be done by scheduling a convenient time to call you. Furthermore, making your contact’s life simpler and demonstrating that you value their time and do not want to inconvenience them.

Avoid Sales Pitches

Make sure you lengthen the conversations with your leads, making small talk, etc., rather than making sale pitches. Your follow-up conversations should be focused on your potential client’s business needs and how you can help them. Avoid selling your business during these calls!

Converting Mortgage Leads with Brokerly

Brokerly can help you with your lead conversion if you follow these steps. For effectively reaching out to your mortgage leads, you can use the bulk of resources available on the Brokerly CRM. This includes resources like drip campaigns that can help you stay in touch and eventually convert these unresponsive leads.

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